In this episode petro and Sophia are talking about delinquent vendors. As a small business owner, you'll need to work with all sorts of business people. And sometimes it doesn't go as well as you'd like it to. Here's the story:

Sophia reaches out to each wedding vendor she works with prior to, and after the wedding. But recently she's been receiving automated responses from a few vendors which say something like, "We value your email and will get back to you shortly." But the hitch? They never get back to her. No! Vendors are ignoring emails, but promising that they will respond. This is not a good example to set, especially to people in your network who may refer you for future business.

Some of these vendors were on Sophia's preferred vendors list, but because they neglect emails (and even direct messages on Instagram), Sophia doesn't trust them to respond to clients she sends their way. In fact, after recording this episode, Sophia has now hired one vendor for 2 jobs herself which she would have normally hired other vendors for. But because they are unreachable, she's moved on to someone else.

The moral of the story is to respond to your emails! Respond to your DMs! And don't send use generic autoresponders for every single email that you receive.

Let's talk about that for a minute... Imagine every time your clients email you, they receive the same autoresponder! It's horribly annoying and impersonal. So unless you're on vacation, switch off your autoresponders.

So. Don't be a delinquent vendor. Respond to messages. Stay in contact with your network. It's the only way you'll build a good reputation.

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