This week Petro and Sophia take a deeper dive into marketing for your small business.

Networking is so much more than just meeting someone and handing them your business card. So in this episode we tackle what we think are some key strategies to networking well:

  1. Being memorable. This means knowing your business, being kind, and being interested in the people you meet. No matter who they are! Don't just shove your business card in people's hands. Get to know them!
  2. Making casual connections. Never try to sell on your first meeting, unless you know for a fact that a person is interested. This can backfire. Instead, connect with people on a deeper level. Networking is about more than just business. It is about knowing each other.
  3. Following up with networking connections. Send emails, schedule coffee meetings, and write handwritten notes. Reconnecting with networking connections over the long-haul is an essential part of networking effectively.

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