This week Petro and Sophia weigh in with our opinoins on the Meg Bitton controversy.

Meg Bitton, if you didn't know, is a talented child photographer. She frequently publishes series of photographs which garner a lot of attention and scrutiny, and recently came under fire for a series of portraits she did of children on the streets of New York City. She's being accused of sexualizing and objectifying young girls. If you have no idea what we're talking about, read this to hear our description of some of these photos and our response to the controversy.

In short, we believe that every photographer is an artist, and deserves the right to explore her life experience through photos. We do not agree that these girls are being sexualized and objectified, and instead challenge those who are totally squigged out by these photos to ask themselves, "Why?" In fact, when we quickly compare Meg's photos to the promotional material for popular TV series Dance Moms, we think Meg's photos are quite tame.

And more importantly, by not recognizing Meg's photos, we're sweeping the modern reality of many young girls across North America under the rug. By choosing to look at these photos as deplorable filth that shouldn't see the light of day we are simultaneously ignoring the fact that many in our communities live like this. And if we don't like it, we should do something productive about it... not post nasty comments on Facebook from the comfort of of our pjays. (As much as we love our pjays.)

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