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This episode starts off with Sophia admitting that she's shifted to using the auto settings in Lightroom to save time while editing weddings... You may have heard us rant about focusing on things that make you money and getting off of social media. Well this is very much related. Think about it! If whatever you're doing is not creating the results you want it to, change it!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So when your business isn't creating the results you want, be prepared to make some changes. For example, Sophia is joining BNI to open herself up to new networking opportunities, and taking a step back from social media marketing.

Tip of the week is to keep track of where your paying clients are coming from. Review those results regularly, and put your focus on building out your popular sources rather than trying to bring in clients through methods that aren't working. Schedule an annual assessment of your business each year to do things like this.

You can track where customers are coming from in your CRM. If you don't have a good CRM, check out Táve! It's our recommended CRM of choice:

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