In this episode Petro and Sophia are discussing professional courtesy, honesty, and transparency in business. Why? Because personal issues... Have you ever experienced social "drama?" Have you had a client come to after the job was done saying, "You didn't do what you said you'd do!" Well we have! People lie, people misunderstand, and people don't remember the original agreement. - Our best advice this week is to have a very specific and clear contract, to make sure that you are reviewing your contract with your clients, and to keep a paper trail. All of this can be done while remaining courteous and personable. For example, write things down! When you speak with your clients by phone or text message, follow up with an email outlining everything that was discussed. Always be clear. Always be honest. If you don't sell digital files, be upfront about it. If you require a meal be provided for you at the wedding reception, be clear about that before booking. If you only work with people with pools so that you can get a break from major heat waves (like we're experiencing right now in our part of the world), say that before booking so that everyone is on the same page. - Listen here for our advice on being clear and upfront, showing professional courtesy, and dodging major disagreements after-the-fact with your clients. - Join the conversation on Facebook at - Thanks to Benjamin Edward for our artwork and Bensound for our theme music.

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