Get the links for this episode at - Ship better with Freightcom. Use the promo code "Sophia" at - Friend of the show, Candra Schank, recently had an idea! She wants to sell one frame. This one frame will come in a select number of sizes and colours, and this will be her bread and butter product. If her clients want a more custom piece, she'll turn it into an experience and take them to the framer to have their custom frame dreams come to life. However, when she presented this idea to the framer, she was told, "No. You need to have 4 options." And the options he gave her were nearly identical, with only a few variations that her clients wouldn't care about. This is what we are talking about this week. Petro and I are sharing why it's a great thing to break your own trail and forget about what everyone else thinks you should do. Listen to this week's episode for a few of our stories and shenanigans, and to hear the advice we give Candra. You'll also catch our friends at Carbon Based Business Units giving us some serious props at the end of this episode. - Thanks to Benjamin Edward for our artwork and Bensound for our theme music.

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