Social media has changed how business owners market their products and services. Gone are the days of relying on Yellow Pages ads and car graphics. Today, in addition to investing in brand recognition, you need to invest your time in building relationships with your potential clients. It so easy for businesses to connect directly with their clients. If you are not on social media building those relationships, trust us, someone else is. Here is a quick rundown of what we get into in this episode all on marketing for small business owners: 1) Marketing is no longer about brand recognition. It is about brand relationships. 2)Know who you're talking to (your target market), and talk directly to them. 3)Know your elevator pitch, and be sure it resonates with your target market. Keep a database. 4)Automate as much as you can to keep yourself sane. 5)Use storytelling to draw your ideal client in and capture their imagination. 6)All of your marketing material should point readers, listeners, and viewers to contact you somehow. That might be a link to your contact page, a button to message you on Facebook, or a call to action to connect with you on Instagram. These basics will help you get started with your marketing and keep you focussed. We will be going into more detail on each of these topics in future episodes, and we want to know what you want to hear about specifically. Join the conversation on Facebook and let us know what you want to hear at - Get Sophia's Picture Perfect Guide at - Thanks to Benjamin Edward for our artwork and Bensound for our theme music.

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