Join the community on Facebook at - Last year while at a wedding, a groomsman grabbed my (Sophia's) second shooter's butt. The guy had been drinking and seemed to think he had developed a rapport with Katie, so while she was doing her job fixing the bride's veil for photos, he helped himself to a feel. She jumped and told him to stop.

Katie asked that we discuss this topic this week. It's not too uncommon that drunk clients and their drunken family and friends will make their photographer feel uncomfortable. This kind of behaviour is called sexual harassment and both Petro and myself agree that it is inappropriate under any circumstances.

Listen to this episode to get our instructions on how to behave should you feel uncomfortable working with your clients' wedding guests. Feel free to translate this information to other professional circumstances like working with boudoir clients, or doing headshots in a private space with a member of the opposite sex (or the same sex, for that matter). - Get Sophia's Picture Perfect Guide at - Thanks to Benjamin Edward for our artwork and Bensound for our theme music.

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