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We've all felt what it's like to be unhappy at one point or another. For me (Sophia), it was in university. I was out of shape, in an unhappy relationship, and I could barely force myself to go to class. My body felt terrible, my mind felt worse, and it had consequences on my relationships, creativity, and productivity. Eventually, though, I found a gym that I liked and started to change my lifestyle in a big way. Today I find motivation to keep myself moving and eating well so that I don't have to feel all of that anxiety and depression from university.

Motivation is absolutely essential when you're running a business, and procrastination is your enemy. But many creative types find themselves bitten by the procrastination bug, and sometimes finding motivation can be tough. A lot of this is brought on by anxiety. As Petro describes his chat with a doctor, creative types are very susceptible to anxiety because our imaginations run wild with all the possible outcomes of any given situation. Especially the bad ones. So it is especially important that we find ways to keep ourselves engaged in our business and motivated to finish jobs and bring in new clients.

This week Petro and I discuss our top 10 ways to find motivation both for life and our businesses.

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