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As a professional photographer whose contact information can be found online, you are bound to be the target of a scam at some point. At times it can be difficult to recognize the signs of a scam, but once you see them you'll know exactly what to look for. A couple of days ago Petro was the target of a common text scam which inspired this week's episode. Before we get into the details, enjoy this interaction between Petro and the scammer.

Signs of a scam: Unusual area code; Poor grammar and spelling; Scammer is inquiring about the wrong industry; Scammer asks if you accept credit cards in their first contact; The scammer is not located in the same geographic area as you, or the venue is not an actual venue; The scammer will refuse to get on the phone with you (another reason we recommend that you speak with your clients before booking them); The scammer asks you for a favour, and that you charge extra money and send it to them or to another vendor.

How to avoid getting scammed: Deal with people you know; Check the phone number in Google; Check their Facebook and look for mutual friends; Post a screenshot to the Double Exposure Show Group; Never send money to another vendor or client; Get on the phone or meet your clients face to face; If you feel weirded out about someone who is contacting you, stop talking to them.

Thanks to Benjamin Edward for our artwork and Bensound for our theme music.

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