This week's episode all started when I (Sophia) went on a rant on Facebook. I was venting about a horribly disgusting sexist post I saw pop up online. (Listen to the episode to hear the post.) This got Petro and I thinking about how photographers treat each other, and especially new photographers. The truth is that not all photographers are savants, and there is a considerable learning curve which never really ends until we officially put our cameras down. At some points in our career we feel like the most talented, creative photographers and 5 minutes later we might feel like every photograph we have ever taken is absolutely terrible. This is why we advocate for sharing our knowledge and helping each other grow as artists. If every photographer chose to keep what they know to themselves then no one would ever learn, including that photographer. If you haven't already please join our community! It's a safe, supportive space where photographers go to learn. - Here are more of Petro's tips for improving your skills: Listen to our show for photography business tips and hilarious rants; Get educated by taking a college program or doing online courses; Join a local collective to learn along-side other photographers; Second shoot for a professional to build a portfolio and learn. - To join the community on Facebook go to - Thanks to Benjamin Edward for our artwork and Bensound for our theme music!

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