Some folks in our industry have earned themselves a reputation for being a creepy photographer. I think you know the personality we are talking about... The guy who exclusively photographs aspiring models half naked. The photographer who posts on client's beach Facebook photo saying, "You look hott!" The wedding photographer who gets a little too friendly with the bridesmaids. A couple weeks ago we shared with you how to behave when you work. This week we're talking about how to keep a squeaky clean reputation with your clients and prospects. Here's a rundown of what we discuss: Don't comment on girls' revealing Facebook photos; you can ask for boudoir business, but you have to do it the right way; don't stare at your clients boobs or butt; don't make a face, don't say anything negative, and don't laugh at serious moments; learn to give your clients an appropriate compliment like, "You look fantastic;" learn how to read people, and don't push them beyond their comfort level; be careful using humour to diffuse a tense situation. For example, don't use racist or sexist jokes; protect yourself from inappropriate behaviour; we also share a few ways you can market your boudoir business without seeming like a total perv.

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