This week we talk about those behaviours you should avoid while working with your clients. Here's the list, and listen to the episode (above) for for the details.

Don't be a diva or try to be the centre of attention. Unless you're shooting family groups or the wedding party, let the moments around you happen naturally. Don't distract from the natural flow of the day. Don't lecture the family, bridal party, or other guests. It's not your place to shame wedding guests for their behaviour. Don't waste your clients' time. Get them to their ceremony and reception on time. Don't bring up the contract. You should only refer to the contract in situations when you absolutely have to. And by that we mean, unless you're close to calling your lawyer, try your best to resolve disputes without referring to your contract. No means no. If the bride doesn't want to sit in the grass or lean against a tree, don't try to push her into it. Don't touch your subjects. We will only touch our subjects after giving instruction several times and then asking. This is especially important when working with children. Always ask first and be sure you have developed a rapport with the subject before doing so. Don't compliment your clients' body parts. You can tell everyone they look fantastic, but there's no need to say, "Your ass looks great," or, "Wow! Your boobs!!" Don't wear inappropriate clothing. We always recommend that you dress professionally, but this goes beyond that. You might need to lay in the dirt or stand on a ladder while crouching... Wear pants that will cover your underwear should you bend over, and if you love to wear dresses at weddings be sure they're practical. Don't argue with the coordinator. They know a lot of people. Use them! But refer to item #1 and don't be a diva. Don't complain about your clients. Don't share technical problems. Deal with them. You should show up prepared with backup equipment, and you should be able to work in practically any environmental situation. Don't make your problems your clients' problems. You're the professional. Make it work! Don't say how few weddings you've shot. If people ask you can tell them, but you don't need to comment on how this is your first wedding. If you are feeling compelled to do so, you are probably feeling insecure. Suck it up and rock it. Don't drink and don't dance. There are few situations in which this is OK, like when you're photographing your friends' wedding. Otherwise, be professional. Don't drink and let the guests do the dancing. Don't behave inappropriately.

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